Amazing Floral Arrangement Ideas for Indian Weddings

Flowers are an integral part of any life event, including weddings. At an Asian wedding, flowers are not just decorations but represent life, unity and celebration. Although they are only one part of the wedding, Indian wedding flower arrangements can be an important element for many brides and grooms; so here are some tips to make sure that you have an amazing floral arrangement at your wedding.

Modern Floral Arrangement Indian Wedding Mandap

Modern Floral Arrangement Indian Wedding Mandap

1: Consider the Colours

Vibrancy and colour is an important aspect of any Indian wedding, so consider which colours will complement your theme and work well together. You may want to select certain colours for the wedding garlands and the mandap and have a different range for the bouquets and table displays. Whatever you go for, be sure that the colours are bright but complement each other throughout.

Indian Wedding garlands

Indian Wedding garlands

2: Place them Right

Is there such a thing as too many flowers at a wedding? Probably not, and even less so at Indian weddings. Make sure you have all your bases covered when planning the flower arrangements at your wedding. Consider both the essential flower coverage on the mandap and your Indian wedding garlands, plus any additional places that include: table centrepieces, ‘thanks you’ bouquets, scatter petals for the aisle way, hair pieces, button holes, and general decorations.

3: Traditional or Modern

Depending on the setting and context of your wedding ceremony, consider whether a traditional or modern floral arrangement theme is best. Popular flower choices are Rose, Carnation, Lilium, and Germini, but what about incorporating some other flowers such as Gypsophila and Gloriosa for a more modern style. Also, consider whether you want to go for traditional flower colours like red, orange and yellow or instead opt for something modern like an all white Mandap with matching Mandap flowers. At Signature Shaadi we will help and guide you to find the most amazing flower arrangements that will stun you and your guests.

Hurricane vase centre piece

Hurricane vase centre piece

4: Scent and Atmosphere

If you want to create a particular scent or atmosphere at your wedding, opt for flowers that complement this. To highlight the smell of one particular flower, like jasmine for example, use other less odorous flowers to complement it. If you’re planning to use a lot of flowers at your wedding, and you’re not already familiar with flower scents, it would be a good idea to do some research at your local flower shop or botanical gardens.

with Gypsophila arrangement

Glass Vintage candelabra

5: The Little Touches

At weddings it is often all about the smallest touches, often guests don’t remember one thing in particular but rather the whole overall effect coming together. A great wedding floral arrangement should subtly complement all other aspects of the wedding. To achieve this try to tie in the flower colours with the dress, the cake, wedding favours and even the food.

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