How to Choose the Best Indian wedding Venues in London, Essex & Hertfordshire

Shortly after couples get engaged they are also expected to announce the place and date where their wedding and celebration will take place. The wedding venue is a key part of the planning for many engaged couples, but theses days choosing the most appropriate venue isn’t always straight forward. There are so many options for venues available and some of the best venues can have long waiting lists.

On top of this there will be particular considerations for the venue unique to your wedding day needs. If you are planning an Indian wedding in the UK you will also have to make sure that a traditional British venue is well set up for the requirements to host an Indian wedding. To help you to choose the best Indian wedding venues in London, Essex, and Hertfordshire – here are some valuable tips to keep in mind when looking for the perfect place to hold your ceremony.

Fennes Estate | One of our favourite venues for your mandap hire

Fennes Estate | One of our favourite venues for your mandap hire

1 Make a Practical Checklist

When choosing a venue for your Indian wedding make a check list for all the things you need from the venue. How many guests are you inviting and how mobile are they, is the venue easy to reach? It’s unlikely that you will get absolutely everything you want in one place so be realistic and know what are the most important items on your checklist and if there are any areas that you could compromise on.

2 Speak Directly to Venues

Once you have your checklist start phoning round venues. Make them aware that your wedding will contain untraditional elements and make sure their facilities can accommodate the requirements of an Indian wedding. Good initial things to check with the venue are: Can they accommodate the size of your guest list; do they have a suitable room to set up the Mandap; will they be able to accommodate the lighting of the sacred fire and if there are any restrictions around this; is it possible to arrive by horse and can the venue manage with the tradition (and noise) that goes with the arrival of the groom etc.

3 Look at Venues in Person

Always go to look at a wedding venue you like before putting down a deposit. Photos don’t give the full picture of the venue and staff might not always understand your requirements on the phone. When you visit the venue in person you will be able to get a good feel of the style and ensure it meets all of your practical requirements.

Woburn Abbey | One of our favourite venues for your mandap hire

Woburn Abbey | One of our favourite venues for your mandap hire

4 Know the Date and Theme

When choosing a venue for your Indian wedding you will need to decide which one best fits with your desired date and theme. Often venues have long waiting lists so if you can’t be flexible with your date make sure you book well in advance. Also understanding your theme before you look at venues will help you to narrow down the selection considerably.

5 Take a Step Back

Now your shortlist is taking shape, take a step back and think logically about the logistics of your wedding day. In your mind you might have set your eye on the most amazing countryside wedding venue, but how easy is it to get everything ready? Will there be issues for the caterers, mandap hire company or florists to enter and leave the building with ease and without disturbance? Is the venue’s contract comprehensive but not over complicated? Are there hidden cost; if you have to pay extra to use the carpark or use the toilet facilities, there might well be. Do the staff seem reliable and genuine? When is the venue available from and to, is there enough time for all the vendors to do get everything ready in this time?

If something doesn’t feel right, don’t book, but if all these things work out and you have a good feeling about it, book with confidence and know you have got the best venue in the UK. On to the next part of planning…

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