A lovely sunny day for an Indian wedding at the Oshwal Centre

Early morning about 6am and there is a fresh chill in the air, we’ve arrived at the Oshwal centre, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, not far from London to set up a 4 pillar wooden mandap right in front of the temple. How stunning can a back drop to get married ever be?

Oshwal centre, Potters Bar, London

Our workplace for the day

We’ve been planning this for about 8 months with our clients, Priya & Kiran, who moved from London to now live in Australia. When I first spoke with Kiran, it was clear they had a good idea of what they wanted the UK leg of their wedding to look like, but being on the other side of the world made it difficult for them to organise. A few phone calls, site visit and emails later, we proposed an initial outline and to hold the Indian wedding ceremony on the lawn right in front of the temple. The mandap was to be set up under a marquee which we could open up on all sides as it was obviously going to be a perfect English summer day.

The marquee was great as it would provide cover for the rain and in the more likely event of a warm sunny day, provide much needed shade during the hindu wedding ceremony.

Over the next 8 months we discussed and designed Priya & Kiran’s wedding decor in detail, tailored specifically to what they were after and created an outcome which was truly amazing – lots of neutral colours to make the couple’s outfits and spectacular wedding back drop stand out as much as possible.

The marquee was set up the day prior to the wedding day and so our dedicated staff arrived keen to get on with building the mandap and the rest of the stage, and seeing the rewards of their hard labour on the faces of the guests as they were bound to be amazed by this beautiful Indian wedding setting.

marquee at the Oshwal centre

We finished the set up with plenty of time left.  The decor looked elegant and understated, creating a wonderful contrast to the wedding outfits from the couple and amazing colours of all the sarees, lehengas, kurtas and sherwanis worn by the wedding guests!

wooden mandap1 wooden mandap2 Wooden mandap3


We like to think the right Indian wedding decor can make a good wedding really great, and although it’s obviously the people who make wedding events so special, we are always pleased to receive lots of comments on the day and were ecstatic with a lovely review from Priya afterwards.

“Firstly, thanks so much for everything you did and your patience with us. There were so many challenges we were faced with and it didn’t help that we kept changing our minds! You really did do an amazing job, it actually looked so much better than I expected!”

“Joost Muller and the Signature Shaadi team made our outdoor wedding look so beautiful and were absolutely amazing to work with. We were faced with the challenge of organising a wedding from Sydney and also the unpredictable London weather however Joost went above and beyond to help us in every way possible to achieve our dream wedding. We couldn’t have been more happier with everything they put together for us.” Priya & Kiran

Photo credit: The day was beautifully captured by Asian Wedding Photographer Ketan Amin at ketanaminphotography.com

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